Sunday, 22 June 2014

My cross country story

On Thursday it was the RSS seniors cross country. They all scuttled to Skoglund park to do the cross country race. I was a little nervous in the morning.

First We all strolled to Skoglund park and we all followed each other in a line. Venessa said, “Look were your going cars are every were.”

We were all at Skoglund park and we had to be behind the yellow line. When we were their it was so cool there was some 

spray paint but we didn’t mind. We went and sat down on the dry green grass I ate some of my food but not that much 

because I did not wonted to get the stitch. I was a little bit nervous if I did not go and be number 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10.

 I said to Emily, “Do you feel nervous?” she said, “ No i’m not nervous at all” then I said, “She’s lying. It was the year 4’s tern and I was a year 3 so that means I am next to run. I had some of my food then I drunk some water.

, “YEAR 3’S COME UP”said Ebony this is my tern. I strolled all the way to the start. , “Ready set GO” I run really swiftly at the start but then I remembered that Steaphen said to not run at the start so I stopped running. I 

through everyone and I was in the lead but 9 people was still their though so I didn’t stop running. I was near the finishing line and though’s 9 people were still in my way so that  means that I’m going to be tenth in the year three girls. we were cheering at the 

people that was still coming to the finish line. It rained after that so I picked up all my stuff and I walked to were my class

was. I lined up behind my class and lucky we were all under shelter. The teacher’s were calling a bus to pick us up because we did not wont to walk in the rain. the bus came to Skoglund park and they picked us all up. when I went in I said, “Cosy.” when I went on my seat I said, “ I feel so happy that I got tenth in the cross country race. We were back at  my school and the rain started to stop I said to Samantha, “Finally the rain is gone.” I was back at class and I was eating my lunch., “ I can’t believe that I actually got 10th in the cross country race” I said to Samantha. I was still fainting when I was 
playing tag with Jhaz&Shaiv&Arisha my friend’s.
then we all went to home.THE ENd

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