Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Walt: All about me

WALT: we are learning to describe.

Ko Marion au

My name is Marion. My hair is bright like the sun. I have ocean blue eyes and I love to smile. I love cats so so so so much I have a cat that is grey and white and he has green fresh grassy eyes. He always makes as laugh and he be's cute at everything I had him when he was a kitten. i love being with my family and at school I have the greatest teacher ever! If you make me laugh to hard sometimes I snort. On Thursdays my family goes to the shop and the best part of it is the lollies and the ice cream that's why I love going shopping. I love making new friends and meeting new people. I love playing. My favourite healthy food is bacon and my favourite un healthy food is ice cream: pineapple choc. My favourite game outside is bat down with my family. My favourite colour is purple and black. My favourite game is MINE CRAFT its a game when everything like pigs dragons dogs ocelots and almost anything you can think of is BLOCKS you can kill bosses like the ender dragon when you go to the deathly end and the weather witch you got to create and kill to get a neather star and you can find one in the neather to. There is also the mutants there is a skeliten/creeper/ and zombie. You can create anything.