Thursday, 11 June 2015

WALT reading

While dad was watching the news on tv with his family a warning came out! It was a man in a suit saying " everyone go in your house and lock all doors and windows and stay inside never go outside a rattle snake from the circus got lose, We all saw him go down pop street on the sincerity cameras, if you see this snake call 399." The family looked at each other surprised. The dad whispered "wife you shut the windows and I will shut the 3 doors, and children go to your big sister Brooke's room." "I don't want them to go to my room! I don't want you guys to mess everything like you always do!😡 of course her little sisters Alex and Lilly didn't listen and went in there sisters room. "Came on Brooke this is a emergency, and by the way it really isn't your room because it's really the landlords." Said dad "whatever" said Brooke in her mind.😒 the three girls were on the bed well the 8 year old sister that was the second oldest was on the floor and that was Alex. Alex said "here I got this huge blanket we can snuggle in." Alex chucked the blanket on them. They all snuggled in, the parents came back in a hurry. Dad said "THE SNAKE IS IN THE KITCHEN!" 😵 the mum got her phone out of her pocket and called 911 she said "THE RATTLE SNAKE IS IN ARE KITCHEN HARRY WE LIVE AT 345 pop street!" They heard the noises " weeeeee da weeeeeee da weeeeeee." They stepped in the room with a bag with the snake inside. One of the solders said "your ok now, and thank you for calling." The solder gave the three girls a lollipop. "Mmmmmmmmm" said Lilly the 5 year old. "Thank you very much!" Said mum.


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