Thursday, 17 September 2015

WALT make a mystery

Hi my name is Marion I'm going to tell you a story about the stolen cake! 
One lovely afternoon I was starving! I went to the fridge to get my cake I made. I opened the fridge...NOTHING! I bolted to the lounge were Hayley grace and Jhaz was. "Who ate my cake!" I said furiously "I haven't!" Said Jhaz strangely "not me" said Grace " why would I take it, I don't like pavlova!" Said Hayley pointing one eyebrow up and the other eyebrow down. I went to my room thinking to my self who had eaten the pavlova cake? "Well Hayley doesn't like pavlova cake  grace I think wouldn't do a kind of thing like that and Jhaz always tells the truth. It's time to investigate!" I put on black leggings and black t-shirt and also a black hat.  I rolled through the hallway. I was so dizzy when I stood up I smacked onto the carpet. I opened my blurry eyes and spotted crumbles of cake on the floor. I stood up and followed the crumbs it leaded to two rooms, Hayley's and Jhaz's I went in Jhaz's she was watching her her favourite tv show defenders of Berk . I closed the door slowly and walked into the other room   Hayley was eating something I went straight up behind her she was eating my cake! "Why are you eating my cake?!" " I was starving ok?!" "I thought you said you didn't like pavlova!" " I lied to!" " you could of saved some for us to you know." " I'm sorry it was to delicious!" "I'm calling the Grace Police on you." "no!"  

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