Thursday, 17 September 2015

WALT make a mystery

Hi my name is Marion I'm going to tell you a story about the stolen cake! 
One lovely afternoon I was starving! I went to the fridge to get my cake I made. I opened the fridge...NOTHING! I bolted to the lounge were Hayley grace and Jhaz was. "Who ate my cake!" I said furiously "I haven't!" Said Jhaz strangely "not me" said Grace " why would I take it, I don't like pavlova!" Said Hayley pointing one eyebrow up and the other eyebrow down. I went to my room thinking to my self who had eaten the pavlova cake? "Well Hayley doesn't like pavlova cake  grace I think wouldn't do a kind of thing like that and Jhaz always tells the truth. It's time to investigate!" I put on black leggings and black t-shirt and also a black hat.  I rolled through the hallway. I was so dizzy when I stood up I smacked onto the carpet. I opened my blurry eyes and spotted crumbles of cake on the floor. I stood up and followed the crumbs it leaded to two rooms, Hayley's and Jhaz's I went in Jhaz's she was watching her her favourite tv show defenders of Berk . I closed the door slowly and walked into the other room   Hayley was eating something I went straight up behind her she was eating my cake! "Why are you eating my cake?!" " I was starving ok?!" "I thought you said you didn't like pavlova!" " I lied to!" " you could of saved some for us to you know." " I'm sorry it was to delicious!" "I'm calling the Grace Police on you." "no!"  

Monday, 14 September 2015

Walt assessment writing

'One beautiful sunny morning in the jungle there was a old brick house inside was a female tiger lion with no name. " that's it this is the day I'm going to have a journey for my name!" She said she ate a bird for breakfast and went on top of the roof she jumped of the roof and landed on the well it was really slippery from last night. Last night there was a really bad storm. Then suddenly CRACK Chhhh BOOM! The wooden roof broke. She was falling, she scratched and turned in fright. Then her head fell on a big rock. Half an hour later she woke up in worry but instead her eyes went bolging in excitement. What she see's is a magical mythical land. She saw,  griffin cats. dragon cats. and every cat you could imagine! But then she saw a magical Queen cat with no crown. She went over to her she said " hello what's wrong." The queen cat said "hi I have lost my crown said the queen cat. "Say... Are you from hear?" "No I'm from the normal world?" Said the tiger lion. " could i help?" She said " it's truly dangerous anything could happen." Said the Queen cat. "I'm shore I could find a big crown around here!" "Umm we'll it isn't actually here." Said the queen cat "then we're is it?" She said " it was stolen from the doge king. If you want to help you have to go in to heaps of dimensions and find the one with the darkest sky's there you will find my crown." Said the queen cat " sounds easy, did you know before my mum and my dad went to Africa they taught me karate!" "That's cool hmmmmm, ok you got 1 chance in doing it. Here is a portal opener we use it to go to different dimensions!" Said the queen cat said. "Awesome!" The Queen gave the portal opener to the tiger lion kitten "how do you open the portal?" "Just press the button on the side then through it." Said the queen cat. "Ok" she said. She through  the opener and went through. She looked,  she saw sky that was it she fell through, screaming in terror then suddenly she stopes falling she was still in the sky. She was flouting. "Ok this is weird I'm going" she said. She went into a different dimension. Everything was a triangles. "Ahhhh later" she said confused she went into a different dimension. It was dark as the midnight sky, "this has to be it" the tiger loin kitten said. She couldn't see. She tripped over something really hard " ouch" she said furiously. She tried to see what she tripped over on. It was the portal opener. " how did that get there?" She said. Then for a split second she herd a creepy howl over behind a big rock. She was so scared that she couldn't move. Then suddenly a black doge with scratches came over bolting to the portal opener. She screamed in terror. The black doge stole the portal opener and left in a flash. She got up and ran as fast as she could to catch up with the black scratched up doge. But then she slipped of the side of the big hill. She she screamed so loud her ears were ringing. She saw her life flashing before her own eyes. But instead she landed on soft old pillows. She opened one eye then the other she was alive! She walked thinking " if I don't find the portal opener I'm going to be here forever!" She looked on the left nothing, looked at the right there was a huge castle! She saw two guards. She sneaked through the guards and went through all the rooms. She finally saw the crown and the portal opener she blasted to the items and went home the queen said to here outside her house " thank you so much what shall your reward be?" "A name" said the tiger loin kitten. "All right hmm your name is treasure." The end.    

Walt make a invention to help us solve the case.

Humpty Dumpty has been pushed off the city wall who would do such a thing? No fear Marion the mystery solver is here! 

This is my trap that will trap the person who pushed Humpty Dumpty 
This was made by cut up cardboard and tape

This is called the clue glasses. You put them on and they show you if they have any proof on them to show everyone else. This was made by black paper and white paper with tape.
This is the sticky gun it will stick Humpty Dumpty all back together again!
It is made by paper and vivid 
Here is my plan