Sunday, 3 April 2016

Is El ranch a safe place?

Walt: write a persuasive argument
Hi I'm Marion if you think El rancho is a friendly and safe camp your wrong! Showers with bugs and spiders, unsafe words on the roof and walls! Giving kids guns...I highly disagree. 

Firstly the waterslide, to get up to the top of the water slide you have to climb up a muddy hill. When you go down the water slide water Go's everywhere so what if you slip on the mud, I guess you would fall to your doom.

Now the horses. There one of my favourite animals, but there are some bad things that could happen. You might get kicked, and the instructors tell you to lean back when you go down a hill. And it's really hard, so what if you lean to far back and fall off and get kicked or stomped on. Sorry if it's to dramatic but it's true.

Lastly the rifles, already it's a huge no. Giving kids guns really? We are here to have fun and enjoy a nice camp not here to die or get badly injured. Think, if a kid shoots someone or himself he will be in great pain, the nurses would not know what to do cause they probably just have a first aide kit. And if they called the ambulance it would take hours to come.

I have proved to you that El Rancho is an unsafe place. So I recommend not going somewhere like El Rancho if you expect to have a nice camp. Thank you for reading cause if you didn't you would be in great danger .

Feedback: you did awesome
Feed forward: I agree, you are very persuasive, you deserve a green target!

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